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wacky week [Mar. 31st, 2009|12:24 am]
i dont really want to think about it anymore but i think it should be recorded? lets make it brief.

1.day before i leave to portland me, david soto, and evelyn try to find some place to smoke. evelyn decides its a good idea to park at the edge of the cv redwood forest. the cops came and took my weed and gave me a ticket. evelyn informs us that she had been here before and gotten caught. i dont want to see her for a long time.
2.me, justin, mary, and serena head out to portland the next day. justin has a freshly casted broken arm from socker, and hes driving stick.
3. we dont do much in portland. we go on one nice and exhilerating hike, that is really up hill so i dont like it that much. but its pretty and we get to the waterfall and its tight. (multonomah?)accompanied by crazy people and one peruvian broman almost fell off the waterfall and died. it was scary!
4. after we head back we find justins car is broken into. smashed drivers side window, serena's purse is stolen.
5. due to being a late saturday, we cant fix the window. we get some plastic stuff from the hardware store and duct tape it.
6.driving home we had to get some more duct tape.
7.at a highway turn off to switch drivers, the wind is so intense it steals objects from the car and takes them with her. i fight her to close the door. bitch! i wanted to play in the wind but we had to be on our way.

back home i went hot tubbing at nicole's bf's friend's place in san ramon. large hot tub, excellent whirl pool was made.
then i got to see my baby boo in the evening and we had a lovely night. i love him!! the next morning was equally as lovely as we watched "role models" in the buff, until Omar came over and they had to find some weed. Ivan left for work and me and Omar smoked and talked about intellectual things for a minute. hes cool.
I went on the bus i always take to downtown oakland. i was planning to walk but it approached me at the perfect time, which is very strange. while i was on the bus i was still in my tourist photographer mode. i wanted to take so many photos of the scenes i passed, which i see all the time, but today they were so picturesque. it was sunny and the whole neighborhood was out, and i imagined them in photos. i imagined creating an entire photo album dedicated to Martin Luther King Jr , the street. it will just have to be a memory of an idea.

i miss ivan terribly. often times i think i dont really care for him much, but times like these make me know that i really love him. i want to travel some more. i think im gonna fail my math class and that is depressing. i dont like school and i want to see new places.

[User Picture]From: coolmrkev
2009-03-31 10:16 pm (UTC)
hey tori, thanks for sharing. that was a good read.
sorry you got busted, thats fucked.
drving a stick with a broken arm must've been nuts.
i wont comment on everything, but yeah thanks dude.
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