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nice day [Aug. 13th, 2009|09:26 pm]
[Current Music |finger bib - aphex twin]

today Ivan drove me up a huge mountain in the bug. it is a mini test for our excursion to mexico next year. it did good. i dont know what mountain its called, but we drove up tunnel road up to grizzly peaks road in berkeley. we sat up there and saw an amazing view of the whole bay. while enjoying the vista, we turned our heads and saw 2 motorcyclists drive right off the curve down the mountain! it was crazy and immediatly ivan ran to the car to start it to go help. but then we saw there were already people helping so we stayed. luckily, they only fell about 10 feet down and stood up. in a few minutes they are all laughing and we could hear them across the canyon. but it was wild!

Tomorrow we are going on a romantic outing to China Beach.

on Saturday Mike and I will be trying different methods of deep frying both twinkies and and oreos. fatty fun!

I am excited to start school, my jalapenyos are coming in nicely and i plan on giving the best one to Senyor Zermenyo.

thats about it, from posting months ago. i saw souls of micheif last week at the oakland museum/east bay express party, that was fun...