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thank ya jesus [Nov. 27th, 2009|12:02 pm]
i posted a few months ago an a lot has changed...and the second to last post says im in love with ivan...HA! why do i even post this crap on the internet? anyways now i love alex, we have hecka fun...i wont even go into it, i prefer bullets to mark my past. first what i came here to do:
i ate thanksgiving at my brothers, him and my nephew basically made everything, what good men.
-chevre, warm brie(with olive oil, oregano, pecans and red peppers, delicious.) red wine, succulent turkey (breast and wing) potatoes, gravy, homemade stuffing with chorizo and the insides of the turkey, proscuitto green beans, 3 different homemade cranberry sauces, biscuits, yams with marshmallows. sweet potatoe pie cheese cake, apple pie, maple-brown sugar ice cream all home made. yum land!
now what ive been doin: +morning of thanksgiving me, alex, and emily butterfly went to alctraz for the native peoples sunrise ceremony. it was nice, i found out later that ivan was there hanging out with his aztec dancer friends but we didnt know it at the time.
+seen: GWAR, DEVO, ghoul, cannabis corpse, and lots of funny shit. been doin the cinderella puppet show for theo/zanzibar and having a good time, we have a fun cast. and procrastinating at all times for all homework, i'm not going back to school next semester, i'm a terrible student i want to party all night and sleep all day. piece

From: nearlyparadise
2009-12-24 10:38 am (UTC)

you make me laugh

...anyways now I love alex. You crack me up. Miss you. I'm gonna start posting on here again.
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