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days [Dec. 22nd, 2009|08:01 pm]
[Current Music |A Minha Menina - os mutantes]

the other day jared, alex and i went out to jared's land of petaluma cuz we were bored. we finally went out to bodega bay, a longer drive than jared said, and got there right before sundown. we climbed down a lil cliff and stood in this eaten out hole in the side of it and watched the ferocious sea put the smack down on big ol' rocks. the sea climbed towards us and we eventually climbed out.
i had a great dream i was hiking in a nice beautiful moist green forest, and then came upon a restricted zone of glass walls, on both sides of the trail. what was inside? orcas! it was great. when i was awake and remembered this dream, i was very excited.
my mom and i dont have a tree this year.
i might go to india? or somewhere.