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i'm so old now [Jul. 31st, 2012|02:28 am]
this is sooo weird but now im gonna post in my lj. i dont even know what to say, cuz like, theres millions of things to say if i were merely trying to record the past. so much shit happened. but why am i typing now? perhaps because im drunk and just wanted to say something to myself. who reads this anyways, i have no idea, but im pretty sure i dont give a shit about what they think of me, and if anyone sees it they are probably my friend from a long time ago and will be cool. so, i want to fuck hella guys. HAHA! i just typed gays. thats whats fun when youre drunk typing. anyways, i love all the boyz. im single and its great, i just hope that ____haha! will fuck me again, cuz he is the hottest man on the planet and i want that. all the time. anyway i also want to have the best summer ever 2012 and go to all the shows and beaches and forests and parties and hot tubs and lakes and adventures with all the friends.hopefully its an indian summer cuz i aint done at all. there are so many things to do. and art to be sprayed. ok bye