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2015 post [Aug. 13th, 2015|12:47 pm]
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well its been a couple years. i had a band called penguin. we made one demo tape. the tape has a picture of Frank Reynolds on it. i love people in different states. im moving to nola in a few weeks. im gonna miss oakland. i love someone here but oh well, im leaving. i went to mexico. i want to go to mexico again but im moving to nola. keep having mixed feelings and cold feet. people keep dying and cops keep killing people. thankfully none of my close friends have died since 2013. I love them all tremendously. i havn't seen my family (except ma) in so many months and who knows i might just move away without saying goodbye then never have to feel weird about it cuz i will be 2300 miles away. Tonka has 3 legs.