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the summer night is like a perfection of thought.
$240 worth of puddin', 5sr, abandoned buildings, adventures, anticon, barefoot, beach, beck, bicycles, boggle, bonfires, boones farm, botar, burritos, cardboard boxes, cereal, cheese, climbing trees, conversation, cookies, costumes, count chocula, crazyness, cumquats, cv donut, dance, dance parties, devo, drawing, dreams, drugs, ebonics, edward gorey, elephants, fecal japan, fire, fireworks, flea markets, food, friendship, getting wasted, ghosts, good times, graffiti, hair dye, halloween, hanky panky, harassment, hardcore screaming, hip hop, hot tubbing, humor, i have dreams, imagination, kiwis, krakistan, la pinata, laughing, le tigre, life, lucidity, making fun of people, milk, monks, monsters, movies, mud sliding, mulan, music, musicals, nature, nerd alerts, night time, ninjas, no curfew, oliver brown, otter pops, over the edge, painting, palindromes, peace, people cooler than me, photo booths, photo shoots, photography, pogosticks, pooping, prancing, pranks, rain, rainbows, reading, roman candles, rope swings, rough housing, secrets, shadows, shoplifting, shows, sidewalk chalk, silly, skimboarding, slip n' slides, smashing the state, sneaking, snoop dogg, solidarity, solitary, spooky, stars, stealing lawn gnomes, stella, street art, streetlight manifesto, summer, sushi, swimming, talking, tangerine juice, tape, tenochtitlan, the microphones, the state, thought, thrift town, tongues, trampolines, tree houses, ultimate frisbee, underwear, unity, warmth, water, water balloons, water slides, wet hot american summer, wild creatures, writing, yelling, zucchini,